Monday, March 21, 2011

Harry's Law - Do you "look?"

Not knowing how many of you watch television, I nevertheless decided to write about one of the newest David E. Kelly productions called "Harry's Law".  A show called "Boston Legal" (David E. Kelly) is still one of my all time favorites and I always have a couple of episodes taped for those days when I'm looking for some humor combined with current day (well at least when filmed) news editorial. 

Lately, I've heard Harry's Law called "Kelly's worst success" and when I read the comments below the editorial I found a pretty even mix of yeas and nays.  Since I'm just not into the "reality" shows, this one seems to have struck a good balance between obvious fiction and a few 'it-could-happen' situations.  Entertainment? Certainly.

This show became part of this blog for a couple of reasons. 
          One, I try to alternate between Real Estate related posts and those which discuss homelessness.  The last post was about the deductibility of mortgage interest so this one needs to be about my other main topic. 
          The second reason is based on the idea that since we've just started and are not doing interviews with non-profit entities looking for funding votes yet, I required a human interest post relating to homelessness.

And by now you're asking, "just WHAT does Harry's Law have to do with homelessness?".  For that appropriate question, I have an appropriate response, of course!
From Harry's Law which aired 2/28/11:

The Scene:
In a darkened bar at the end of a long day

Harriet Korn (Kathy Bates) - A newly liberalized attorney working out of a shoe-store in the ghetto is talking with Tommy Jefferson (a grandstanding, larger-than-life attorney played by Christopher MacDonald)

Tommy has clients (Albino Tanzanians that are being deported which will probably lead to their deaths) that make him uncomfortable.  As a result, he decides to work with Harry as co-counsel to help them. After sipping a drink or two, Tommy confides in Harry.


(T) "Do you ever look at homeless people on the street?"

(H) "Sorry?"

(T) "You know.  You're walking down the street.  See a homeless person sitting on the curb.  Do you look? Make eye contact?"
(T) "I don't"

(H) "They make you nauseous?" (refers to a previous discussion)

(T) "No. I don't look because it depresses me. Not so much because they're homeless but because I CAN'T HELP THEM".
(T) "Not in the whole.  I mean sure - I should give the guy ten bucks. But, 30 yards down the street there's another one... and another one . . . and another one. I don't look because futility overcomes me!"
(T) "I'm just saying with your human tragedies world wide. You've got your Somalians, your Haitians. Today it's the Tanzanians. I can't keep up!

Harry shaking her head...

(T) "There's suffering all over the world, Harry.  I can't make a difference.  The futility of it all."

(H) "Well, don't look at the macro picture. Maybe you can help just one. Win this case and you've helped all 4 of our clients."

Yes, maybe it's a little bit like the Starfish story - well, a whole LOT like the starfish story.  But then again - we need reminding.  And we need to help JUST one. 

Do you know of a spectacular non-profit who is doing their best to help just one every day?  Call us.
And you can help us help them too.  If you know someone who's looking to buy or sell a home, let them know about our service!

Between us, we can help MORE than just one!  Contact Us, please.

And before I go - please check the "Pages Link" on this blog.  There is a short introduction to a couple of great friends at Ancona Title & Escrow.  If you're looking for a smooth closing, they're the ones to call!

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