Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Economy Creates New Business Model

Hello and welcome to Responsible Referrals!

It's Wednesday,March 9, 2011 and we are very excited to launch this brand new concept!
But first, a little history. In 2009, I spent a great deal of the year preparing for a fundraising event that for the most part, fell as flat on its face as I did literally!  (see: Segway Off the Streets - Blog )  Well, it’s “all good” now and although we fell far short of our goal last time, we were able to raise a few thousand dollars benefiting StandUP For Kids( StandUp For Kids). We’re back with a new program but his time we’re behind a computer screen rather than facing the “dangers of the road” on a 12 mph Segway!  You’re going to call me “chicken” and I suppose it’s well deserved.  I accept that so let's move on to the new concept, Responsible Referrals.
What is THAT?
Responsible Referrals is a service designed to help people find exceptionally qualified real estate agents to assist them through the complexities of buying or selling real property.  The cost to use the service is absolutely free.
Why Responsible Referrals?
As a veteran Real Estate Broker, it has always been my feeling that while providing services to people buying and selling homes, I should also be paying close attention to those who have no home at all.  So beginning today, March 9, 2011, as part of Meridian Concepts, Inc. Real Estate, Responsible Referrals will help us do just that. 
How will Responsible Referrals “pay close attention”? 

We are committed to donating 50% of Responsible Referrals revenue to existing Non-Profit organizations already working to help homeless youth and families throughout the nation. 
I’ve been told I can get a little “wordy” so I’m trying to keep this posting short.  I encourage you to explore the website Responsible Referrals to get familiar with the program and how it works.  You might have questions and we promise to respond promptly.  Just fill out the contact form or call our Toll Free number.
What’s next?
Trust me – this is going to be informative, educational, and FUN so PLEASE follow this blog!  Click on the RSS button so you don’t miss any postings.  Click on the “follow us” link to let everybody know you’re watching.  “Like” us on Facebook.  And then tell everybody on your contact list to check us out.  These things ARE important for so many reasons. 
A Challenge
You’ve heard people say “just about everyone is just one paycheck away from becoming homeless”.  Maybe you don’t believe that and subscribe to the premise that if you “work hard and do the right thing”, YOU will never be homeless!  Let's think about that for moment.

There is a new and very interesting exercise that you just HAVE to explore!  Designed by  McKinney Advertising Agency in cooperation with Urban Ministries of Durham this exercise is enlightening and thought provoking.  Try it!  Walk in the shoes of someone less fortunate.  Face their challenges and then decide if it could "never" happen to you.
Go to PLAY SPENT and begin your journey.  When you’re done answer the "SPENT" Poll on this blog page and tell us how well you did.  You’ll be able to see how others are doing as well.  TELL your friends and let’s start changing lives!
I should note that as we post during the months and years ahead we will recognize those helpful companies and nonprofits by including links to their websites.   If we reference articles or quotes, we will obtain permission to use that information and include appropriate links. Also, for those nonprofit organizations who have been gracious enough to allow us to use their material, we will create a FirstGiving Fundraising Page for them in order to make it easy for you to donate to their mission should you wish to do so.  This information will be found on the "Pages" link in this blog.
As we move forward with this new project, we promise to keep you informed about the challenges that homeless youth and families face.  We promise to introduce you to the nonprofit organizations that are working to help them. We will also include educational information regarding the Real Estate Industry and our part of this business which SO obviously IS the basis for the donations we will be making. 

We expect to make this project as interactive as possible.  We will need your input on many things.  Watch, follow and participate please!
Next Post:  Flood Insurance – waters are rising!

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