Friday, April 22, 2011

Buying? How do people find Real Estate Agents?

Yes, we're certainly interested in knowing the answer to this and many other questions as we strive to develop a revenue base in order to accomplish our goals.  From our About Us web page, we state:
Mission Statement - Responsible Referral program through Meridian Concepts, Inc. Real Estate
Meridian Concepts, Inc. is a real estate brokerage firm desiring to promote awareness for and work towards alleviating the complications of homelessness especially as it relates to youth and families. By providing excellent service to our customers, we will generate funding to be used for specific projects being promoted by existing non-profit entities located in the United States and beyond.
It is obviously very important that we expand our market viewpoint. Sure, we've been around a long time, but real estate is pretty local - as it should be.  As we reach outward in order to help more buyers and sellers find great agents, we need to know what happens on a national scale.  According to Marketing Associate Sophia Stuart of the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of those responding to surveys found their agent through referrals.  Sometimes statistics can show us where the obstacles to being successful are found.  Sometimes, they show us that we're on the right path.  We are loving these statistics!
Across the board, 10% of buyers found their agents through websites. But 48% of ALL buyers and 57% of first-time buyers found their agents through family/friend referrals. This is where we can help - and we can't wait.  We are making it our business to find the very BEST agents for your family and friends!  When you are asked if you know a good agent, we hope you'll consider Responsible Referrals.  And a few quick facts:
  • We interview all agents by phone or in person
  • We obtain references and then - we check them!
  • We check state licensing authorities
  • We match customer needs with agent qualifications
  • We do this at NO cost to the customer
  • Each agent certifies that he/she adheres to the Realtor Code of Ethics
  • Each agent allows a 7 day right to cancel within their contracts
  • In addition to the elections that are held to award donations to nonprofits, we also encourage each customer to designate a favorite nonprofit of their own to receive 10% of our collected fee directly and immediately after closing.  It does not have to be one of our featured nonprofits.  The only requirement is that the organization is recognized as a 501(c)3 corporation working within the scope of our mission statement.  See our Customer FAQ page for more details.
Happy Easter!

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