Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming Up April 11 - The First Highlighted Nonprofit!


Next week, all three blog postings will be about our very reason for existence.  I know that we need the revenue from Responsible Referrals to provide funding for this project, but the project itself is dedicated to helping Nonprofit organizations serve homeless youth and families.  Our 4 contestants have been chosen and they are as excited as we are about the mid-June election.  The first contestant is School on Wheels located in Ventura, CA. We'll tell you all about them next week. Over the next couple of months, you'll also hear about the other three. Stride in Lakewood, CO is scheduled for April 23. Jaiden's Place in Mt. Pleasant, SC will be featured May 9 and the fourth organization, Safe Haven  from Nashville, TN. will appear on the 23rd of May.  Shortly after that, voting begins.  Are you registered?

 Now is the time to get behind this project. Here's what you can do.
  • "Like" us on our Facebook page
  • Tell your friends to do the same.
  • Register to Vote.
  • Tell your friends to do the same.
  • Share our postings on your Facebook page to let everybody know about this project.
  • Tell your friends to do the same. See a pattern here?
  • And don't forget!  If you know anybody that is looking to buy or sell real estate, ask them to make Responsible Referrals their very first call!  Got questions?  See our FAQ page.
We want you involved!  We want all of your friends involved!  Together we can make a difference in the lives of kids - homeless kids!  We can help their families.  It's just a matter of spreading the word.  Remember that game called SPENT? Think about this for a second - what if you lost your job and then your house and maybe your car. There isn't much left as you saw in the game. And over 1 million kids aren't playing a game.  They've been living in this situation every day - some of them for years! Let's put a stop to this!

NEXT POST:  School on Wheels, Part 1

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