Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homeless Kids and Your Vote

There are polls, surveys and discussion boards all over the Internet now.  You can play games like Farmville, Cityville, and one that's been showing up lately which reads, 'someone answered a question about someone else - unlock the answers'.  I don't really know what this is and frankly, I'm finding myself completely apathetic about it - the questions AND the answers!  I know that's just me.  Ask my daughter!  I was never a very good "game person".  Maybe someday I'll have myself analyzed to find out why.  Then again, isn't a Rorschach Test just another game?

Last week, we began the 3-part blog series highlighting deserving nonprofits serving homeless youth and families. The goal is to feature 3 or 4 of these organizations each quarter and to send one of them our donation.  We tell the story.  You decide who receives the money.  It isn't very complicated and it doesn't take very much time. It does require registration, though.  I know this is hard.  Everybody wants our email address.  Everybody wants to load up our in-boxes with STUFF - piles of it.  If you're like me, you're very reluctant to supply personal information when asked.

But we are serious about our mission.  We don't want to load up email boxes with 'stuff'.  You can look at the website, subscribe to the blog or Like us on Facebook and get all the information you want about Responsible Referrals and this program.  The registration is for integrity.  We hope to eventually give away tens of thousands of dollars and we need the election process to be transparent and fair. 

We are serious about our mission - bears repeating!  This is NOT a game.  We know that there are kids who are hurting out there.  We want that to stop.  We hope you do too. 

So what is a vote?  When each election is over, some organization gets a check and hopefully one large enough to help.  But it doesn't matter if you voted for the winner.  Your vote is always a "yes" vote.  What you're saying each time you cast your ballot is:
  • YES!  I care!
  • YES!  I'm a little more aware of the situation facing over a million kids in this country - right now!
  • YES!  Give these kids a chance!
  • YES!  Stop the cycle of homelessness
  • YES!  I'm willing to spend a few minutes reading about the organizations that help and a then a couple of seconds to register my choice.
    Register - Click Here
  • YES! I can help to make a difference.
The last time I tried to do some fundraising, I wrote about an imaginary homeless girl. For some reason this story continues to motivate me even now - perhaps because I'm convinced that the words written are more reality than imagination. Read this story (1st Taste of the First Taste) and the next time you send a duck to a friend, or unlock your answers,  consider how spending just a couple more seconds to register and then to vote during the elections might give one child the chance she needs. 

It's "one thing you can do for her today".  In her place, I again say "thank you".

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