Friday, April 15, 2011

School on Wheels Part 3 of 3 - Funding

School on Wheels.  Great Programming.  Dedicated volunteers and staff.  Deserving Children.

But it all happens with money.  School on Wheels has been serving homeless children and families since 1993 and states that they succeed every single time a tutor meets with a child.  It would be difficult to argue the point. In one hour of tutored study it's very probable that something good will occur if not immediately, certainly over the long haul.

As I'm writing we have an available donation of $1,000 which will be given to the Nonprofit of your choice at the end of this fiscal quarter. What exactly would School on Wheels do with this money?  What would be best use for a thousand dollars.

All Nonprofits need funding for administrative purposes.  There are salaries to pay, light bills to pay, phone bills to pay and the list goes on.  School on Wheels has an admirable track record and states that 90% of funds raised goes directly to support programming, not administration.  Most of us (and I am guilty as charged) prefer to give to a specific project.  We want to know that our hard-earned dollars go directly to someone in need.  But we all need to remember that administration is a critical part of the success of any of these organizations.  Let's not let our "preferences" cloud our reason for giving - or voting, in this case.

Like all Nonprofits today, funding is always too little while the need continues to grow.  It's the whole reason that Responsible Referrals exists today.  We'd like to provide funding to help lessen the gap.  And since School on Wheels does not accept Government Funding and relies on the support of Foundations, Corporations and Individuals like you, they would like to you to consider the following needs as you cast your ballot:

$170.00 is their estimate for what it takes to tutor one child for an entire year.  $1,000 means nearly 6 children for an entire year!

$50.00 is the cost for a new backpack and supplies.  $1,000 means 20 kids have the materials they will need to succeed this year!

$1,000 will provide a uniforms for 40 children this year!

And, remember that School on Wheels provides scholarships.  These funds help kids overcome the barriers they face when it comes to continued education be it College, Trade School, Art Programs, Apprenticeships or Summer Programs.

Do more research!

You can learn more about School on Wheels at their website and basic information is posted on the School on Wheels Link found in this blog under Pages.


Watch for our next Nonprofit series coming April 25th:  Stride - A Pathway to Self-Sufficiency


Remember! You can vote for the recipient of our Q2 donation.  Are you a registered voter?  SIGN UP HERE!


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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting School on Wheels. Your 3 blogs are very informative, thank you for supporting us and the work we do here in Southern California. We hope your readers vote for School on Wheels!