Friday, April 29, 2011

Stride, A Pathway to Self-Sufficiency. Part 3 of 3 - Funding

There is a need.  A need to do more and a need for more funding. Stride, Lakewood, Colorado is like all others in this respect. 

Many opinions exist as to how best to handle the responsibility of caring for those among us who have been so completely defeated that pulling themselves up by the bootstraps is quite simply, impossible - on their own, that is.

Stride's philosophy, A Pathway to Self-sufficiency, should hit the target with many of you. 
You've seen that Stride's method to solving the crisis presented by poverty and homelessness is one of contract-binding assistance between those that can help and those that need help.  The success of this program comes not only from people finally enjoying the ability to provide for their families once again, but from the self-esteem and pride that come from being able to say "I did this!"  Yes, there was help, but the commitment, the drive and the eventual graduation celebration belong to the participants.  Let's say "congratulations" to all of them right now!

So what are the plans for using the $1,000 Responsible Referrals donation should Strive receive the votes to win?

Since our mission statement is geared towards helping homeless youth and families, we want to show you a few things that this money can do for Stride and the people they serve.

Rental Assistance:  According to the website, $100 will help one family get into an apartment.  Could we help 10 new families secure a roof over their head this year?

Emergency Funding:  Loans, and they ARE loans, are available for crisis situations.  In order to obtain gainful employment or keep it, the car must be running, day care and phone bills must be paid.  If any of these things are neglected due to lack of funds, the employment might be terminated and the cycle starts again.  Remember, 40% of the participating families are starting out homeless.  They have only what they can carry.  Even with all the assistance provided by Stride and all of the ambition, drive and concentration put forth by families, there will be moments when the costs are too great.  This net is a critical part to the success ratio.

Bus Passes:  Transportation is critical to obtaining and keeping employment.  A mere $35 can help keep someone on the job.  Nearly 30 people could get to work this month with the Responsible Referral donation.

Stride works on an 89% program to administration ratio.  For every dollar, $0.89 goes straight to the programs helping people become self-sufficient.

You can learn more about Stride on their website and basic information is posted on the Stride - Pathway to Self-sufficiency Link found in this blog under Pages.

Watch for our next Nonprofit series coming May 9 featuring Jaiden's Place, South Carolina.

Remember! We want YOU to vote for the recipient of our Q2 donation.  Everyone (18 years and older) is eligible but registration is required. Are you a registered voter?  Are your friends registered voters?  Are your supporters, volunteers and consumers ready to vote?  SIGN UP HERE!


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