Monday, May 9, 2011

Downtime . . .

It's the weekend and it's beginning to rain.  Finally, it's warm enough to spend time outside, but still - lookin' kinda' wet!  Maybe this is you today.  Maybe it will be you tomorrow or next weekend.  You've got some down-time.  What to do?  Clean the bathroom?  Do the dishes from last night?  I got it!  You could pay those bills waiting for you in that basket.

You're not impressed with my ideas, are you!  I've got more.  Let's learn a little bit about homeless youth.  There are ways to find out - and they don't take long, either.

Film Festival Video:  This show was broadcast on New York's WPIX last October in cooperation with the Recriprocity Foundation.  Called Invisible: The Diaries of Homeless Youth, it was produced by seven kids who understood what being homeless means. They knew how to get the story because they lived it.  The video comes in four parts so that you don't have to watch the entire 30 minutes at once time.  Why are there homeless kids?  Find out.

News Video:  If you haven't watched this yet, please do.  Hard times Generation: Homeless Kids is a quarter-hour, 60 Minutes piece with Scott Pelley. Current in it's information, this segment aired March 6, 2011 focusing on locations near Orlando, FL. If you're not touched by this, you don't have a heart.

News Video:  An ABC, 20/20 segment which aired this past January called Homeless Youth - 4 normal teenage kids slipping through the cracks are the "invisible" homeless.

Movie:  Winter's Bone starring Jennifer Lawrence.  I looked and it's now available on Netflix and I'm assuming that your local video store will have it in stock.  Released in March, 2010, it's a story that many homeless youth relate to.  Evidence of this can be found on a short YouTube video from Bellwood Home for Children, Kentucky - a charity supported by Lawrence.  As long as you're on YouTube, just type in "homeless kids" and you'll get a return exceeding 5,000 videos. Take your time!

MovieBeyond the Blackboard  Netflix doesn't have it - but I would imagine that Hallmark does.  If you don't want to buy the movie, try making it a wish list on your DVD recorder.  What's it like to attend school with no books, no desks, no supplies - no heat?  You'll find out and they'll show you what a little dedication can do to make things better. 

Upcoming MovieGimme Shelter with Vanessa Hudgens is being filmed now for release some time in 2012.  Just put it on your list.

An interesting article:  "How to Survive if you Suddenly Become Homeless".  Homelessness is becoming reality to so many people that there are now "how to" guides on the web!

Review:  Responsible Referrals Mission Statement

Meridian Concepts, Inc. is a real estate brokerage firm desiring to promote awareness for and work towards alleviating the complications of homelessness especially as it relates to youth and families. By providing excellent service to our customers, we will generate funding to be used for specific projects being promoted by existing non-profit entities located in the United States and beyond.
You've done your homework and you know about the problem.  Help US to do something about it.  It won't cost you a dime - just a couple of seconds making a couple of clicks.  And, of course, remember us if you or anyone you know needs an exceptional real estate agent.


Maybe you noticed, maybe not.  On the original schedule, this week's blog postings were supposed to highlight a competing Q2 nonprofit.  Sometimes things take longer than we'd like - this is one of those times.  Apologizing for the interruption, we'll feature the third nonprofit soon.

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