Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Genesis, A New Life; Services. Part 2 of 3

This number isn't as big as the one we discussed the other day when we briefly touched on the national debt. However, I'm not sure I can get my head around this one either. Eighty Four Thousand is the number of diapers used by Genesis in one year.  Add this to 2,340 pounds of laundry detergent, 46,000 bottles with formula, nearly 4,000 rolls of toilet paper and you've got a whole new way of looking at "bulk purchases"!

But all this is 'just another day' for Genesis. Their mission is to be there for that homeless single mother and her newborn. For a total of six months, the family is nurtured and encouraged - just like most of us experienced when our own family was there to help us through homecoming and beyond. 

The new family is determined to "make it" in this world.  The responsibility stares them in the face, and they welcome it.  Their baby needs a good life and this family will provide one.  But they need a little boost to make this adjustment and the many that will follow.

Remember, these families have nothing when they join Genesis, A New Life. They might have been living in a car or a shared-space shelter before the baby was born. Each new family entering Genesis will now live together in private rooms.  This allows for dignified space in which to grow and learn as adults, parents and family units. 

The family is provided access to all of those diapers and supplies

They attend sessions to help with job counseling, nutrition, budgeting and parenting. 

Transportation through MARTA is provided so that residents can get to job interviews, places of employment and obtain medical care.

With a Full Kitchen, three full meals are provided each day.  For some, it may have been years since regular meals were available.

Child-care is provided while parents search for employment and continues after finding their new job. It's nearly impossible to find employment when you don't have someone to watch your children.  And it's nearly impossible to pay for childcare when you are unemployed.  This service is priceless!

After the six month stay at Genesis, this organization continues its support and cares deeply for the family.   Genesis provides help with affordable housing choices, basic supplies and an additional 3 months of childcare. For up to 5 years, the "graduates" are supported as they learn independent living skills.  Times get tough and the support system gives them someone to lean on when they're overwhelmed.  We all feel this stress at times, but most of us have families who stand by us.

Genesis IS their family.

If you glance through this posting and note the bold, underlined typeset, it is evident that Genesis provides numerous critical services for these new families and their babies.  But at the same time, I've been struck with the idea that the intangibles provided have as much, if not more, substance than the variety of concrete services.

Genesis starts with those who have nothing and gives them hope for everything. They take those with nobody and give them somebody. They transform the hopelessness into hopefulness. They turn "I can't do this" into "I will do this". They turn wailing tears into songs of laughter.   

Is it too late to say Happy Mother's Day?

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