Friday, May 6, 2011

Nurses Day, Mother's Day and ... Housing?

This week, there are a couple of days which deserve mention.  Today is National Nurses Day which begins a whole week of recognition.  Why do I mention this?  My daughter is a NICU nurse at the University of Iowa Hospitals. My sister is on staff at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  There are more family members entering the field soon! And, of course, many of their friends are, well - nurses!  Then of course, it's worth remembering those who made sure I recovered from the fundraising trip in 2009.  They have my eternal thanks! 

Mother's Day is Sunday.  If you don't know why that's important I'm not going to be the one to tell you.  'Someone' will remind you, I'm certain!

OK.  Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! 

Happy Nurses week to all Nurses!

I was hoping to follow the "day of recognition" theme into housing too. Having little success, I began to "stretch" a bit. On May 12, we celebrate the birthday of Edward Lear (5/12/1812 - 1/29/1888).  Huh?

Happy Birthday, Ed! 

He's remembered for popularizing the limerick.  What does that have to do with real estate?  Absolutely nothing - unless people write poems about housing!  Sarah James (UK) wrote 3 limericks for a contest last year. She explores the topic of 'home' from different angles and explains some of her insights while using verse as a springboard to reader discussions.  Explore her blog posting entitled Feeling at home - limericks with a tail.
There was a young German called Klaus
who lived in a funny old house.
with walls made from bread,
cracker chairs, a cheese bed...
no surprise his best friend was a mouse!

I also found this one by peggys2 at some email address.  I have not been able to reach Peggy to get permission to use this, so I hope she won't mind.  I'd be happy to give credit where credit is due if I could only find her.

There once was a girl from Japan
who lived in an old garbage can.
When asked why she did,
she raised up the lid
and said "Good housing too high in this land"
According to an article published March 2, 2010 in the New York Times, the average per square foot cost for a home in Tokyo (a typical size being 750 sq.ft.) is between  $730 and $1,460.  According to Zillow, New York averages in March of 2010 were approximately $400 per foot. Living in Rochester, MN, I have no reason to complain as we enjoy a square foot price of a little over $100.

Does that make anybody want to move?  Responsible Referrals will make sure you're working with a great agent! 

I told you I was stretching a bit here and I appreciate your patience until I finally got around to discussing some real estate stats.  But it was fun, right?  And sometimes, it's good to be a little silly.  Want to have a contest?  Write a housing related limerick of your own and post it in the comment section.  Maybe I could be persuaded to come up with a good prize!

NEXT POST:  ... a programming change might be required.  See you Monday!

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