Thursday, June 9, 2011

~~~~ And the Winner IS ~~~~

Today we celebrate with Genesis Shelter along with their leadership, staff, volunteers and supporters!  We're proud to support them as they work with the smallest children in our society - homeless newborn babies and their families. I look forward to meeting with Nancy Friauf, (Genesis Executive Director) in Atlanta very soon! What an occasion this will be as we deliver our FIRST DONATION CHECK!!!


Our friends and supporters!
We don't want to forget all of you; your dedication and your service, the hours you have spent reading blog postings, your willingness to participate in this election. None of this happens without your support and we are in your debt.

Our Nonprofit Participants!
You are on the front lines.  You live and breathe this issue of homeless youth and families.  You succeed every day and there are thousands of people who can attest to your work and compassion with the forever-changed lives that you have given them.  It is you that we work for.  It is you that we thank with all our heart.  

Whether you voted for Genesis or one of the other worthy nonprofits, remember that every vote was your way of saying, "This has to end.  Homelessness must be eliminated".  Today we stand together with those experiencing this condition right now saying, "NO MORE".  Donation links are available below in case you'd like to add a monetary contribution to your vote.  In advance, we thank you.

Donate Here

So, what happens next? 
  1. Travel arrangements will be made to visit Genesis Shelter in Atlanta soon.  Look for the pictures and stories which we'll be excited to share with you in the near future.
  2. We will spend a little time evaluating what we've done here.  We'll try to determine what worked and what did not.  We'll look for opinions, comments, suggestions and complaints.  We encourage all of you to support us in this way.  Your feedback is much more than welcome - it's critical.  You may comment on the blog, use the Contact Us form on the website, or even use Facebook.  And, of course, the toll free number is listed on the footer.
  3. Then, armed with this information, we will adjust our programming.  We believe that a successful commercial business can work hand in hand with socially responsible organizations.  We believe that together, we can eliminate youth and family homelessness. 

Many thanks to you all and again, congratulations to
Genesis Shelter!

The results of the poll are located on this blog page in blue boxes, in case you're curious.

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