Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Search of Real People

You're familiar with the Segway Off the Streets (SOS2009) event if you've been reading these postings for a while.  I keep trying to learn lessons from this disaster nearly two years later.  The specific goals of this trip were;
  • To raise funds for an organization called StandUp For Kids
  • To raise awareness for the fact that there are kids - KIDS, living on our streets 
  • To begin a new career expending efforts to raise money for this issue
  • To connect with caring people

These goals are intertwined with each other and I was so ready for the challenge.  As we each have our own abilities and talents, I felt called to do something about funding.  I knew that in order to raise awareness, I needed to do something unique.  I thought that if I was successful, it would be easier to create another event - bigger and better! And all along the way, I'd connect with those individuals who care about others.  I was just so weary of the greed, manipulation and selfish agendas that seemed to surround me.

Well, the trip was not the success I was hoping for.  It seemed, at the time, that I had failed with every goal. The well used consolation phrase "Everything happens for a reason" didn't seem to help much at the time.  But looking back?  Well, maybe it wasn't a complete bust.  Money WAS raised.  There ARE some people who are a little more cognizant of this issue.  And I actually DID meet a few very caring individuals who remain friends to this day.  (The "easier" part of the next event? - not so much).

Working on this "next event" which is called Responsible Referrals by the way, I've come to lean on a couple of those caring individuals.  With the check presentation to Genesis Shelter, Atlanta scheduled for July 1, the Q2 Nonprofit Election will be completed.  Lessons were learned and the soon to be announced modifications are nearly complete.  Before moving forward though, I need to recognize those who have been so helpful in this process.

As always, I have been blessed with an amazing daughter.  Michaela is always there for me and I hope she knows how much it's appreciated!

A very busy start-up CEO, Brent Bowlby, has also stood by me as I've consistently called on him for advice and service.

Jay Groven and Macie Korte - again, always ready with helpful and insightful comments and suggestions.

Linda Ruberto - Owner of Star Brows, Grover Beach, CA.  We're miles apart, but a more avid supporter doesn't exist.  Ready to read, to vote, to "like" to do whatever is asked, I'm in her debt.

Melissa Maschke - stepping up like a true friend with recommendations and valuable assistance and insight, she's proving again that she's willing to go above and beyond.

Lance Greene and Pat Compton Mishler - new friends helping "Friends in Need" inspire me to keep going.  They've been using their own funds to support their nonprofit as they remain available to "do" for those who are in crisis 24/7.  If they can - I can.  (They are needing some donations, so if you are able...?)

Sinead Chilton and School on Wheels, CA
Nancy Friauf and Genesis Shelter, GA.
They took a chance on a completely unknown program.  They worked diligently to support the Q2 vote when they knew nothing about me.  I'm so very thankful for their support.  They were the "first" in what I hope is a long list of new friendships.  If you can help their organizations with donations or just by spreading the word, I'd be so appreciative.

And the many old and new friends, Jeanne Dininni of Writers Notes,  LeEllen Myles, Jeanne Hickey, Sarah Smart, Trudee Able-Peterson, Rich Hooks Wayman, Davies Okombo  and others who consistently read my ramblings and then take the time to let me know by their comments and 'likes'.  It always helps to know that I'm not just writing some journal to be placed under lock and key between the mattresses.  Thank you.

In advance, I apologize if I've neglected to mention the valuable contributions of others.  I missed my deadline today so I'm writing much later than usual.  Please forgive me.

The search for real people isn't over, but I realize more than ever, that they're out there - and some are very close!

It's a little early, but have a great weekend!


  1. By supporting you we get to feel like we are helping in the causes that you so tirelessly support.
    Whether we are consciously aware of it - or doing anything about it - we are each creating a personal legacy. The important question is, will the legacy we create matter, and will it make a difference?
    With this in mind - we must not give up, and can not fail.

  2. "I can not do everything, but I can do something. I must not fail to do the something that I can do." Helen Keller