Friday, June 17, 2011

Styles - Just for Fun

Entrenched in the real estate business for many (too many?) years now, it seems like I can almost see the inside of most homes by viewing the outside. This is especially true in the suburbs, I suppose.  Tract housing can do that to a person.  However, this country offers a variety of architectural styles and I thought I'd just play with a few of them a today. Now don't cheat.  Below you will see a number of photographs.  Above that, I will list an equal number of architectural home styles.  See if you can correctly match them - number and letter.  The answers are found on the Page called (of all things) 'Answers' which is located in the light green strip just under the header.  Good luck!

The post is a few days old now so the Answers have been moved to the bottom of this post

1.  Craftsman     2.  Art Deco     3.  Shotgun     4.  Prairie      
5.  Creole           6.  Pueblo        7.  Victorian   8.  Salt Box
             9.  International   10.  Second Empire











While looking into this little game, I found a couple of things that were quite interesting.  There are people who have purchased from our Federal Government (and other government's as well) previously used missile silos from the cold war and are currently using them for homes.  In these massive bunkers, home-sweet-home is underground for the most part - and quite safe too!  Does this sound interesting to you?  

And, have you ever heard of Earthship homes?  A unique and very individual style (use of the phrase "off-the-grid" is frequent), they start at around $40k with one listed at $1.5M!  Of course, you COULD just build your own. 

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Genesis Shelter Donation update: 
Plans are nearly final for a check presentation ceremony on Friday morning, July 1, 2011 in Atlanta!  Can't wait!

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Answers Below
A.  Art Deco # 2
B.  International # 9
C.  Pueblo # 6
D.  Prairie # 4
E.  Craftsman # 1
F.  Victorian # 7
G.  Creole # 5
H.  Second Empire # 10
I.  Salt Box # 8
J.  Shotgun # 3

How did you do?
If you want to see an explanation of these and many other artitectural styles, Click here.

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  1. Well, as in school, F'd that. Paul would love to live underground, in a cave, off the himself!:D
    July 1? Yippee! Can't wait for pics.