Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guaranteed Donation Program

After many weeks of asking questions and reviewing the Responsible Referrals Q2 Donation election, we are happy to announce our NEW Guaranteed Donation Program! 

Reasons for the Change:

1.  Nonprofits have limited staffing and resources.
2.  Nonprofits align these resources to obtain only the most beneficial results
3.  Although fun, elections are very speculative.
4.  Elections (vote for us because we might win "something") are very common.

5.  Our attention span is short and over taxed.
6.  Anything complicated is quite simply, too complicated!

Guaranteed Donation Program;

1.  Participating nonprofits will be provided with proprietary flyers which include a toll free fax number
2.  Participating nonprofits will be provided with a proprietary webpage including share links
3.  Participating nonprofits will immediately receive a check when Responsible Referrals is paid.
4.  Participating nonprofits promote the flyer / web page to staff, volunteers and supporters
5.  Staff, volunteers and supporters share the flyer / web page with their friends and relatives.
6.  The Guaranteed Donation is based on the sales price and is published for all to see. No guess work.
7.  There is no limit to the number of donations a participating nonprofit can receive under this program.
8.  There is no limit to the number of participating nonprofits or chapters
9.  There is very little competition between participating nonprofits


Step 1.
Nonprofit "N" promotes the web page through a share link on the nonprofits Facebook page.  One of the followers clicks the link.  The follower isn't buying or selling, but has a relative that is. They send the link to the relative and the relative completes the contact form on the proprietary web page. 

Step 2
Responsible Referrals receives the emailed contact form and forwards a copy to Nonprofit "N". Responsible Referrals then calls the follower's relative.  Within a short time, Responsible Referrals finds Agent "A" for the relative and they begin working together to sell/buy real estate.  Within a couple of months, a sale is completed and Agent "A" will send a check to Responsible Referrals.

Step 3
Responsible Referrals checks the sales price of the closed transaction and sends a check to Nonprofit "N" for the Guaranteed Donation amount listed in the chart.

Step 4

Additional Information:
What does the nonprofit web page look like?
What does the nonprofit flyer look like?
Can I see the Guaranteed Donation chart?
More questions?  Use the Contact form or call us directly!

Every person using the services of Responsible Referrals to find a real estate agent will be asked to direct the Guaranteed Donation to the nonprofit of their choice.  As long as the designee is an IRS recognized nonprofit serving homeless youth and families, they are qualified to receive the Guaranteed Donation.  Do you have a favorite nonprofit?  Tell them about us!  We will provide the flyer, the web page and they will be included on our participants list which is coming soon.

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