Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Map Tracking

I remember "The Ride" and you do too since I keep talking  about the Segway Off the Streets fundraiser. Well, it WAS my biggest attempt to raise money for homeless kids - until now!  Anyway, a couple of amazing developers created a map  for the website that would track my progress in real time using the GPS on my phone.  There were some that used this feature as I frequently answered my cell phone to the statement " I see you're on 3rd Street in Milwaukee" or something similar. 

This new map isn't as feature-rich as the one for SOS-2009 because it really doesn't need to be and also because my friendly developers aren't working on it - just me.

This map that I'm talking about.  What is it? 

Visitors to the website and blog need to see where the Guaranteed Donation Program participants are located.  Some people may be motivated to help us provide donations to programs that are close to them.  At a glance, they can see the cities in which these programs are located along with a quick-link to the web page for each participating nonprofit organization.

This will be fully loaded in a couple of weeks, but for now I wanted you to see our progress.  There are a number of nonprofits who have said "yes" to participation but are waiting for such things as board review, new hires, staff reviews etc.  Once we have full approval, we will be adding to this map.  A minimum of one in every state would be an initial goal.  That would mean that no matter where you live, the Responsible Referrals Guaranteed Donation Program would be able to help homeless kids in a city near you. That's certainly a great starting point, yes? 

If you know of a nonprofit working with homeless kids and/or families, let them know about us!  Let's get their organization listed on our map too!  It won't cost them anything and it could be a permanent fundraiser to help with their overwhelming expenses. 

Here's the Map-link

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