Friday, July 15, 2011

The Pieces are Coming Together!

I used to be so good at keeping a schedule! But it seems that serious work needs more attention than regular blog postings.  A little over a week ago, you read about the Responsible Referrals Guaranteed Donation Program.  Since then, web pages for a number of nonprofits and nonprofit chapters have been created.  Emails and phone calls have been steady.  Questions have been answered and concerns have been put to rest. 

As of today, I am pleased to tell you that a dozen organizations have agreed to participate.  That's nearly one per day!  I can't express my excitement!.  Anticipation of sending thousands of dollars to help these organizations fulfill their mission statements (as well as ours!) fill my mind every day.  Imagining a 15 year old homeless girl who no longer needs to dumpster-dive for food brings a tear to my eyes.  This is the beginning of so many great stories -  I can just feel it!

In addition to participation, one of the organizations now has a customer who is using the services of Responsible Referrals.  This could eventually provide them with a check in the neighborhood of $1,600.00!  And, the seller is excited to help!  While she's waiting for her home to sell, she has been telling her friends and family about this program.  After the sale, she plans to use the services again when she relocates and buys a new home!  The domino effect could be a significant fund raiser for this nonprofit!

We're trying to make it as easy as we can for the nonprofits to use this program. If you know about an organization in your area that works with homeless youth and families, tell them about this program.  Send them the link to this posting!  I'm certain they will be grateful to you for introducing them to an amazing fundraising opportunity!

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