Friday, July 1, 2011

What a GREAT day!!

TWO exclamation points - that's right!!

Yesterday was a travel day and it wasn't very pleasant. TSA "reminded" me that liquids and gels must fit into ONE little baggie. So, they were kind enough to reinforce the issue by throwing away $15.00 worth of hair product - used once. It's in their trash can and I hope it doesn't blow up or something. And while the agent was creating more land-fill waste, she was nice enough to tell me that her son uses the very same product. Well then, enjoy!

Listening to an announcement saying that gels and liquids were available for purchase at the on-site airport store, in case you "forgot" yours, was almost the last straw at 6:30 AM. (Let it go, Mike)

The flight was OK with the exception of a 25 minute tarmac delay before leaving Rochester for the connection in Minneapolis. Shortly after deboarding, MSP got busy on the PA system announcing my name (asking just where the 'H' are you) at the departure gate. I arrived hot and sweaty only seconds before they closed the boarding ramp. It was a long run from Concourse A to Concourse F (the last gate, too - isn't it always?)

By the way, do you remember OJ? I can't jump over people and moving carts, though. Come to think of it - he didn't have any luggage either! And with that little throw-back, you know how old I am. Most of you remember the very visible murder trial but not his connection to Hertz! (By the way, my current rental car is with Alamo.)

Today was exactly the opposite of travel day. I met Atlanta's Genesis Shelter this morning and the experience was overwhelming in a 'much-more-than-positive' way! Visiting with the unbelievable staff and their amazing Executive Director was exactly what I needed. Nancy (ED) was amazingly gracious with her time as we toured the 25,000 square foot facility. You should know that the facility itself is as impressive as the people who serve here. The next time I'm in Atlanta, I'll be calling ahead to spend at least one day volunteering!

Anyway, if you know me, you also know that I prefer not to chase the camera. I like to stay a good number of paces behind the scenes. I've always felt that some of these things (donations /good works) should just stay hidden and private between me and other parties. "Don't make a big deal of it" would be a mantra of sorts.

But I know that in order to move forward with this unique and unusual Guaranteed Donation program, I need to be able to prove credibility. People SHOULD be skeptical and it's up to ME to prove that Responsible Referrals is trustworthy, legitimate and worthwhile. So there I am - in the middle of a picture - beginning the process!

Hold the phone! Guaranteed Donation Program? What's that?

You knew that changes were coming. And today, July 1 is the kick-off. Coinciding with the very first Responsible Referrals donation we're going to move forward after learning from our past efforts. There is nothing really wrong with the way we were doing things; Invitations to be part of the 3-part blog series, Then promotion to followers, Facebook fans, friends, relatives, volunteers, staff and supporters to vote for the winner, ending with the announcement itself along with the check. However, as with all things, we think that there IS a better way.

We have recognized that nonprofits are extremely short staffed and busy beyond belief. We have noted the difficulty experienced in order to spend time and resources on speculation. "Maybe we can win" is just too much of an energy drain for most.

OK. You're curious and want to know more about the Guaranteed Donation Program. And I want to tell you. I also want to spend a lot more time talking about Genesis Shelter, Atlanta. But it's Friday and I try to keep postings between 500-600 words. I'm already well beyond my self-imposed limits.

The plan is to talk about this program more with the next posting and then spend more time telling you about my new friends at Genesis. But if you're impatient (there's another story) and want to know more right away, ask your questions using the Contact form and visit this LINK.

For now, I'm just hoping that Monday's connection between MSP and RST will be a little easier on the way back home.

Happy 4th of July!

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  1. Hopefully you are home safe now. The big check is cool. Loved the story, (liked the picture:) and can't wait to hear more.