Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There's a little movement going on out there.  Maybe you've noticed, maybe not. 

Responsible Referrals is based on the idea that we, as individuals and corporations, have some responsibility to the general population.  As a single-parent and a real estate broker, I am being pulled to help homeless kids. I mean really - can you even imagine what it must be like to be a homeless child? 

Of course, we each have our own favorite causes.  Our personal experience brings us to those areas where we're compelled to do something.  Our life's lessons lead us to volunteer or to write checks or to advocate.  There's room for all of this in the area of being a social and responsible society.  Each to his or her talents, right?

So this movement thing.  I've noticed that there are a number of organizations who are willing to generously share profits with others in their chosen causes.  Nearly two years ago, I saw a news program about The Giving Pledge.  (Yes, I still have that unpublished article waiting for that "right" moment - stay tuned.)  But recently, I've noticed other unusual but very exciting programs. 

Generally, this movement is categorized as B1G1.  Translated, it means "Buy One, Give One".  Examples follow.

Kno Clothing.  Sharing a passion to end homelessness, this organization is donating 50% of their profits to help end homelessness.  (Sound familiar?)  Holidays are coming - consider buying some of your gifts right here and make a difference!

Tom's Shoes.  I walk around the house with just socks, usually.  When I go outside, I have a few different shoe options depending on the weather.  Many people do not have options - they don't even have socks!  Tom's Shoes has been donating one pair of shoes for every pair it sells for a long time.  They're not stopping there either.  Glasses - the kind you need for your eyes.  Same deal.  Check it out.

You and Who.  Need t-shirts?  I'm not talking just "any" t-shirts.  These are designed by artists in order to reflect the cities in which this company has a presence.  Again - one for one, B1G1. 

Springwise Fashion.  How cool is this?  They let kids direct the donations!  "Through Whitten Grey’s Project Little Grey Dress, buyers of any eco-friendly dress from the company receive a unique code along with their purchase. When they enter that code online, they can then choose what country they’d like to donate a dress to—currently, the choices are Liberia, Guatemala, Malawi and Zimbabwe. After choosing the colour of the dress they’d like to send, girls can then enter a message they’d like to include for the girl who receives it"

Want to know more?  Here's an article by Mashable.com which includes additional corporate givers involved in the "Buy One Give One" trend.  Somehow, they missed Responsible Referrals.  We are growing so maybe next time!

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