Thursday, September 8, 2011

"I AM"

I am because you are.
I was because you will be.

Once in a while, at the strangest times, something just rises up and smacks you.  It could be something you see.  It could be something you hear.  It could be something you smell.  Any of our senses can be touched suddenly without warning. 

Maybe I've heard these two lines before but wasn't ready to hear them.  Yesterday, listening to the dialog of a very old television show, the timing was right.

My first thought - a great way to tell your child "I love you". 

My second thought - a great way to explain how we all grow from the experience of touching another person.  Sometimes, we need help.  Sometimes we need to help someone else.  Either way, this interaction becomes who we are and who we will be.


  1. This pretty much says it all, thanks.

  2. Agreed. Btw - Send Happy Birthday thoughts to your husband tomorrow!

  3. Love this, Mike! SO true! Sorry I missed it the first time around! ;-)