Friday, December 2, 2011

Comments about . . . comments

November was National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.  Responsible Referrals wanted to recognize those organizations that provide services to our nation's homeless kids by donating one dollar for each new Facebook "Like" as supporters told our audience what makes an organization their favorite. 

We offered up to $1,000 for this promotion.  Perhaps it appears that we did not succeed. I believe we did.  Approximately $120.00 will be sent to the various organizations who asked their supporters for their comments.  And it's the comments that highlight success.  It was about awareness, you see.  Interestingly enough, I was overcome myself.  Showing a strong desire to make a difference, there are some truly amazing people out there!  A sincere "Thank YOU' to all of you who participated!

I mentioned in a Facebook post that if you're having a bad day, spend some time reading the supporter comments submitted during November. Still true! (And, on a snowy day, the photo of Hot Springs in Costa Rica doesn't hurt either.)

Look at some of these;

"I love Project Hope School Foundation because of their dedication to reaching out and helping make a difference in a child's life along with offering support to their whole family."

"I love StandUp For Kids OC (Orange County, CA.) because they go out in search of kids in need"

"I love StandUp For Kids - Washington, DC because I am a Street Outreach Counselor, so I have first hand experience in helping homeless youth"

"I love StandUp For Kids - Washington, DC because they are the little engine that could... transforming into a great program and creating strong alliances to help homeless youth in such short time."

"I love StandUp For Kids OC because every kid deserves a Hero"

"I love StandUp for Kids because they help children in are community . As a teacher I know that my children in class need their basic needs met before they can learn. We need to help our homeless youth , and StandUp for Kids is a great organization !"

"I love One Hope Outreach (Springfield, MO) because of the love and support they give to everybody they can...its very refreshing to see people genuinely care about others:)"
"i love StandUp For Kids OC cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz being homeless blowssssssssssssss"

"I love one hope outreach because they go into the community to find those who have slipped through the cracks."

"I love Project HOPE School Foundation in Orange, CA because they try to break the cycle of homelessness by facilitating exceptional education for children and financial independence for families who are homeless."

"I like One Hope Outreach, because, as the name implies, they give hope to those who think there is none."

"I believe everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. This is for my beautiful niece who has a heart of gold,hope you get lots of support." (One Hope)
"I LOVE Stand Up for Kids OC because caring people are helping love-worthy kids who need help."

"I love One Hope Outreach because it came about from the compassion one remarkable lady felt for people that were down on their luck, sitting in the cold outside a store, and thinking there was no resource .... no hope. One Hope's founder chose to make a stand and find resources to lend a hand, thus restoring HOPE."

If you want to read more, a copy of the posted comments is available by clicking HERE.  Look for the link "SUPPORTER COMMENTS".

In 2012, we are hoping to donate tens of thousands of dollars to those organizations serving homeless youth and families.  You can help - it's EZ and doesn't cost you anything!  Are you or do you know anyone who will be looking to buy or sell real estate?  We will find a great agent to help you and 50% of the income generated by the referral will be donated by Responsible Referrals to an organization helping homeless kids.  Not only that, but YOU get to tell us which Nonprofit that is! 

There is no cost to you and there is no cost to the nonprofit.  You get a great agent, the agent sees extra business and the nonprofit gets much needed help.  Please spread the word!

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  1. In the age of "so many voices" getting any response at all is amazing! Our re-fi is finished - BIG thank you for your help, but wished it could have been a sale. :)