Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nagging thought . . .

I've always liked waking up to the first major snowfall of the season.  Seeing each tree-branch covered with fresh powdery snow is peaceful and quiet, clean and awe-inspiring.  I'm sipping a home-made latte' enjoying this postcard image from the comfort of my living room.

Looking down, I can see the ground covered in about 4 inches.  No footprints.  No dirt.  It's a bit mesmerizing, actually.  Today I will go out to the garage, get in my car and spend an hour or so just driving around looking for other images of this spectacular scenery. 

Since I first obtained a drivers license, I've always liked this tradition.  Once upon a time, I would drive Summit Avenue in St. Paul.  Lined  with huge mansions, a divided roadway was framed in the arches of white, snow-covered trees.  It was like driving in a serene, quiet tunnel.  Dutch elm disease destroyed much of this experience and yet, if I was in St. Paul today, I would still make the drive. 

At the same time, while enjoying this wonderland, thoughts nag at my consciousness.  Yes, I'm thoroughly immersed in this beauty as I view all from the living room or the front seat of my car.  I'm warm.  I'm content.  But maybe I'm not so much at peace as I would have thought.  What if I was looking at this from ground level.  What if I woke up to this incredible sight not from the warmth of my quilt covered bed, but from the noise of the plastic that I had wrapped around me as I slept on a bench, or in a doorway, or under a bridge?  Would I still recognize the beauty?  Or would I more likely be so cold, hungry, frustrated and depressed that I would just want to fall asleep waiting for  . . . well, I don't even know.

I'd like to be a part of getting this girl away from the garbage cans and wet, cold precipitation.  I'm thinking there are tens of thousands of you who'd like to do the same.  Maybe we could work together in cooperation with some of the nonprofits set up for this very purpose. 

If you or anyone you know is thinking that you'll be looking to buy or sell some type of real estate during the next year (anywhere in the country), please ask them to call Responsible Referrals.  There is no obligation and you won't be placed on a mailing list.  We just want to talk about this opportunity.

If you like our program, know that we are committed to finding the very best real estate agent for your needs.  We will interview and screen the agents.  We will do our best to find a great match.  For this service, the agent chosen will pay a referral fee.  Half of this fee will be donated to the nonprofit of your choice as long as it's an organization dedicated to helping someone like the girl wrapped in plastic.  This will not cost you anything but it will make a tremendous difference to those needing assistance. 

In your service,


  1. This is beautiful writing!

  2. Thank you! You're very kind.

  3. The gate in narrow!

    No worries for Mike Taylor!

    Merry Christmas~