Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 10 ** Resolutions ** Homeless Kids

I always find it interesting when December 31 rolls around and the media outlets start making their "Top Ten" lists.  Search online and you'll find that they range from The Top Ten Censored News List to the Top Ten Headlines to the Top Ten Movies to the Top Ten, well, you name it.

2011 saw me spend a good deal of time watching network television news as well as reading some of the online venues in order to "keep informed".  I think it's important to know what is transpiring around us - locally, nationally and globally.  So, after a year of watching and reading and then searching for the top ten listings (annual, decade and even the last century), I'm coming to a conclusion which disturbs me more than just a little.

It's been a tough year for just about everyone I know.  And the "most viewed" stories are not helping.  Every day I am (you are too) deluged with news.  And this news seems to focus our attention on the negative.  Remember these stories?  Casey Anthony.  Bedbug infestations. Wikileaks. The Deficit. Osama Bin Laden.  Mississippi River floods. Arab Spring. Steve Jobs. Gabrielle Giffords. Lara Logan. Fukushima. Penn State.  Occupy. Dr. Conrad Murphy. Charlie Sheen. Lindsay Lohan. Political Gridlock. Unemployment. Tornadoes that leveled cities. References could continue as it's a very long list, but you get the idea.

I admit that a couple of those stories could exhibit a positive spin if you look deep enough.  But usually, that's not what we hear.  And it seems that we don't mind, either.  Somehow, it seems easier for us to look down, sad and depressed, than it does to look up with hope and excitement.  Why is that?

Remember these stories?  Man Walks on the Moon (1969).  Polio Vaccine Successful (1953). Berlin Wall Falls (1989). I Have a Dream Speech (1963). First Man in Space (1961).  Pathfinder Lands on Mars (1997).  Creation of the World Wide Web (1990). Hubble Space Telescope (1990). Civil Rights Act (1964). 

OK, maybe most of you don't really remember the day these events occurred, but everybody knows about them feeling a sense of pride that we are so capable of producing positive change. Looking back over the century we see the inventions of the automobile and airplane, computer, computer chip, television and the discovery of antibiotics. Each one has made a lasting impact. 

It seems to me that we are in need of more exposure to stories like these.  We need to focus on the people among us who strive to reach for something better . We need to recognize the heroes out there who sacrifice for the good of all instead of concentrating on the agendas of a few. Then we need to emulate them.  We need to look up with hope and excitement.  And, that my friends, is my personal New Year's Resolution.

Happy New Year

That being said, questions come to mind.  "How can we help homeless kids look up with hope?  "How can we even allow kids to be homeless at all?"  And "How can we emulate some of those very caring individuals who are heroes of hope to these kids?"  None of these questions can be answered easily but we have something we'd like you to consider. 

Yes, this is the Responsible Referrals advertisement.  If you need a real estate agent (anywhere in the country) we will find one for you.  Our fee is paid by the agent and half of that fee will go to a worthy nonprofit serving homeless kids.  You get to tell us which nonprofit that is. 

Say "YES"!  Call us for more information - anytime!


  1. Awesome resolution Mike,"looking up with hope and excitement."
    Mine is similar, "To embrace Eucharisteo." When He gave thanks, He used this word. Also, Grace = charis, joy = chara.
    So there: grace, thanksgiving, joy - a triplet of stars.
    From this place we can be who were meant to be and do what we were meant to do.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I never watch network TV - the 2 places I get my news from are TED talks which are always positive and inspiring stories about advancements in medicine/technology/education, and MPR for the political side of things.