Thursday, October 25, 2012

National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

When I began writing this article, I was looking at a heavily wooded outdoor scene featuring spectacular fall colors. Yes, there were a few brown leaves blowing in small spinning circles on the deck, but I was focused entirely on the colors.  Sunny and "seasonably warm", a beautiful day without a doubt. 

As the moments passed, I found that I was becoming less appreciative of the brilliant red and muted orange against a vibrant green backdrop, and more concerned with the rustling of those fallen leaves. They remind me that soon, they'll be silently buried under blankets of snow. The reference to "seasonal temperatures" will inevitably lead to words like sub-zero, wind-chill and blizzard-like conditions.

And looking at today's weather radar, it is obvious that we are almost there. Welcome to Minnesota!  Here's what Ted Schmidt (KTTC) is saying about today's conditions:

A potent storm system and its associated cold front are pushing through the region today, making for a raw and wet Thursday for our area. Temperatures are falling this morning behind that front while showers and thunderstorms continue to produce locally heavy rainfall. We'll have lighter rain for the midday and afternoon hours with a wet snowflake or two mixing in toward the end of the day when the precipitation comes to an end. Temperatures will drop from the 40s to the 30s through the course of the day with gusty northwest winds making it feel colder than that. We'll have clear skies and lows in the 20s tonight with sunshine tomorrow through most of the weekend while high temperatures will continue to be in the 40s which is below normal for this time of the year. This cool scheme of dry weather will remain in place for next week as well.
And yes . . . that white/pink streak is "snow"!

As the last vestiges of fall disappear, I will continue to find beautiful scenery when gazing through the patio windows, yes, even when it snows. This will be a result of the fact that I'll be inside looking out. I'll be warm, comfortable and some might even say cozy.

But what of those kids? You know - the homeless ones! Where will they be? "Comfortable, warm and cozy" will not be the words used to describe their locations. 

National Homeless Youth Awareness Month - November, 2012

Passed by Congress (Yes, it was approved in bi-partisan actions but remember, it was way back in 2007) after testimony given by a group called the RE*Generation Task Force with Jewel as a spokes-person, November was designated as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.

We need to be aware. We need to ask the important questions. "Where will they be"? "How can we help?" "How can I let others know about this tragedy?" Children are living on their own - on the streets. Families are living in cars - or worse. 

At the very least, it is hoped that you will do a little research in an effort to be "aware" this November.  Perhaps you'll even take the next step and do some small (or large!) thing making an effort to change someone's life.  Responsible Referrals will be taking action.  Look for our announcement soon!


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  1. Thanks for the reminder Mike - I'll be pondering the subject of homelessness, and my response, now through November. Keep up the great work!