Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh, and by the way, do YOU have a house to sell?

First of all, in deference to Dean Obeidallah (CNN Opinion Article - this is a fun read), I am NOT saying "Happy New Year" today.  January 8 is definately beyond the first week of 2013.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd take liberties and re-print a Facebook posting that seems, to me at least, the very essence of what this, or any, new year reflection is all about.  Thank you, Bill.  (And, just so we're clear, the original posting was well within the etiquette guidelines promoted by Dean.)

Happy New year everyone! As I look back at my life I am quite privileged. Barb and I have friends and family from coast to coast. We have friends that ride Gold Wings and friends that ride scooties, even friends that ride Harleys! We have friends in the UK, in Wales, in Canada, in Mexico, in India, in Egypt, in South Africa and probably other places I've forgotten, which means we have friends with a wide variety of religious and political beliefs. And they are all friends. This new years eve we drove many miles visiting people we see on a regular basis, friends we haven't seen for a long time and new friends that became much better friends in 2012. We have our health, a house over our heads, clothes on our backs and full stomachs. We have kids that are on their own (coast to coast there as well!), and one still preparing for those circumstances and we enjoy their friends as well. I want to thank those friends that shared a toast with us yesterday and all those friends we were not able to toast because there just isn't enough time - because of all the riches we have, none compare to the friends we have all over the globe. Feliz Año Nuevo, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, Bonne année, Chúc mng năm mi, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, नया साल मुबारक, - no matter how you say it -- I hope 2013 is better than you ever imagined and that you are able to surround yourself with friends and family that bring you peace and laughter. There's nothing - absolutely nothing - that beats a hearty laugh with a good friend. And it's free. No money. No politics. No religion. Just a shared moment in time. And that's all I need for 2013.
It's a moving piece of prose, in my opinion. I don't know about you, but I'm planning to read this many more times during the coming year - just to help keep me on track.

And, speaking of moving...

The first marketing piece of  2013 is in the mail - yes, gone!  Quite exciting, actually, to "believe with all that I am" that this WILL be a great year and that through the successes of the  Meridian Concepts, Inc. Minnesota Program and the national Responsible Referrals Guaranteed Donation Project, we will be helping homeless kids throughout the country. 

Are you considering a real estate sale or purchase this year?  Call us!  We'll find a great real estate agent for you and StandUp For Kids (our designated nonprofit throughout 2013) will receive funding to help them as they help others.

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