Monday, February 18, 2013

HUGE Donation Potential

Superlatives.  They should be used, but sparingly.

There is no limit to the number of transactions which could literally result in donations equal to tens of thousands of dollars!
In a lot of circles, I've been accused of doing things that might not be considered "normal". And it's true that I've been accused of being too far "out there" for some of the ideas I've promoted.  Maybe some of you have even used the phrase "too good to be true" in connection with these concepts. Believe me when I say that I understand the concerns.  If I were looking from the outside in, I would probably feel much the same way. 

But today, I throw caution to the wind in order to explain what Responsible Referrals is trying (GOING) to do.  And I might use superlatives and maybe even exclamation points!

You watch the news.  All forms of government are looking to raise more money and cut more services. The upcoming changes will affect each of us.  We will all be asked (even forced) to make sacrifices!  There isn't any magic bullet.  We're in trouble and we need to fix it - NOW!

So as legislators consider withdrawing funds from social programs (some of you say "YAY"), and as legislators look for ways to raise funds (perhaps eliminating or significantly reducing your ability to deduct charitable donations), some of us are going to end up hurting a whole lot more than most of us.

The most vulnerable among us (like homeless CHILDREN!) will be looking to individuals, corporations and churches to fill this gap.  And that's all that Responsible Referrals is trying to do! We want to be a socially responsible corporation.  We want to make an impact.  We want to do our part.  We're willing!  We hope you're willing to make an impact with us!

Look.  This is win-win-win

A "win" for you.
You need a real estate agent.  A good one!  Homeless kids need help.  A LOT of it!  So, today, how difficult would it be for you to write a check in the amount of $500 to a nonprofit serving homeless kids?  I understand - VERY difficult. Well, what if it didn't cost you ANYTHING?  That's one of those "too good to be true" statements.  Fact is though, it IS true!!  And I can prove it.  Let's talk.

A "win" for a 13 year old homeless girl.
I get them in the mail.  All of those solicitations.  They come from everywhere.  Some are legitimate organizations, some probably not.  But frequently I'm bothered by what must be the HUGE expense of producing those solicitations.  Glossy paper, tear at your heart stories written and designed by expensive media experts, the little "gifts" and ... the postage!  I've even received return stamped envelopes!  Each of these pieces must cost the nonprofit somewhere around two bucks!  I admit to "some" exaggeration here, but you get the idea.  Well, Responsible Referrals does all of the work and the nonprofit gets a check.  There is NO charge to the nonprofit which allows funding to be used entirely for programming! WIN!

A "win" for Responsible Referrals.
Yes, we hope to grow the for-profit business.  However, it will take quite a bit to make it sustainable while donating nearly 50% of our gross revenue to nonprofits serving homeless kids.  But through this "abnormal" concept, we hope to inspire other companies to make Corporate Social Responsibility part of their structure as well.  And of course, there will be the satisfaction of KNOWING that we're doing all we can to help those in dire circumstances!

This year, StandUp For Kids has been designated as our Charity of the Year.  We hope to raise tens of thousands of dollars for this nearly all volunteer organization.  We'd be so very grateful if you'd help.  Let us find that Realtor for you.  We'll interview and screen looking for that perfect match.  And you'll know that because of your efforts, homeless kids will have a meal or a place to sleep knowing that SOMEONE cares.

Click here to see how this program works
Click here to find your nearest StandUp For Kids Program

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