Saturday, April 20, 2013

Real Estate Sales Benefit StandUp For Kids

Spread the word:  Responsible Referrals donates a percentage of every closed sale to our Charity of the Year, StandUp For Kids! 

Potential Donations to StandUp For Kids based on
1st Quarter 2013 Average Real Estate Prices


The program is available NATIONWIDE.  At no cost to you, we will find a great real estate agent to assist with your transaction.  It does NOT matter where you live.  It does NOT matter what type of real estate you're looking to buy or sell. It works in every state for every buyer and for every seller working with residential or commercial real estate. 

When the property is closed, we will receive a referral check from the agent you are working with.  When we deposit the check, we immediately write one of our own to the StandUp For Kids Program of YOUR choice!  Yes!  YOU can choose!

How much
Please see the complete Guaranteed Donation Chart by clicking here.  Each donation is based on the closed purchase price and there is NO limit to the number of transactions. The graphic above uses average recent sold prices to determine what average donations would be to each active SUFK program.

StandUp For Kids has programs in many of the cities throughout the country.  To see current locations, click here. When you use the services of Responsible Referrals, we will ask you which Program you'd like to designate for the donation.  This means that the results of doing business with us can directly affect your immediate community!  If no election is made by you, we will write the check to StandUp For Kids National Headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

There are NO limits!  Every closed transaction will result in a donation to StandUp For Kids.  It could be 10 and it could just as easily be 1,000 transactions! It's exciting to do the math!

If you - or if anyone you know - will be looking to buy or sell real estate, call us!  There's no obligation! We will ask for some general information from you so that we can find the very best agent to help you with your transaction.  You will receive great service, and you'll be helping homeless kids in your geographical location.  It's easy.  It's free.  It makes a difference.

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