Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Puddle of Good Intentions

Trying to be better.  Most of us make self-improvement efforts frequently during the course of our lives.  I'm in one of those modes myself - once again.  And, as usual, I'm working on a number of things all at the same time.  Smart?  Jury is still out.  Walking every day is one of the goals.  And so is the concept of being aware. 

So, today I combined them which initiated a day of introspective thought.  We've had a lot of rain recently and then the sun revealed itself.  Spring is here even though it's about 6 weeks late.  We now (finally) enjoy trees with actual leaves!

This morning while I enjoyed the views on my daily trek, I come across a puddle.  "So what?", you say.  But remember - I'm training myself to be aware!  Right next to the puddle, down a little slope, I notice a freely-running stream.  About a half mile down the path there's a rapidly moving river! 

The Puddle of Good Intentions

A puddle with a little help becomes a bubbling brook.

A river of substantial power created by thousands of puddles.

As I'm walking, I consider that puddle. All it takes is a little rain and a puddle forms.  But it just sits there on the sidewalk.  It doesn't move.  It doesn't grow larger.  In fact, there's a very good chance that later today when the sun comes out, it's going to disappear all together. 

But just a few feet away, there's all this water rapidly moving in one direction.  It's going somewhere and the sun, by itself, is not going to make it dry out.  It's got direction.  Purpose.  Attitude, even!  I follow this bubbling brook and guess where it goes?

Of course. Its destination is that river!  And that river is making an impact!  If you were standing in this water you'd be hard pressed not to be swept up and moved along it's intended path. If you were in a small boat, you'd travel a great distance in just a few moments.  It's noisy.  It's beautiful.  It's exciting!

All visual descriptions so far, but analogies begin to form in my mind. I think about Responsible Referrals, which I tend to do frequently. You see, I'm still trying to make this concept work so that the donations can start to "flow".

I realize that Responsible Referrals is a puddle. It's stagnant. It's not going anywhere and any day now, it could just dry up and disappear all together.  That's just not acceptable!  So what needs to happen?  Apparently, more rain is needed.  In this sense, rain falls in the form of people and organizations that want to be part of reaching our lofty goals - partners, perhaps.  You see, all by myself, I'm just a puddle of good intentions.  But if there were more people / organizations who would look just a few feet away and help to grow this puddle big enough so that it empties into that bubbling brook, we could start to go somewhere!  We could even reach the river - something noisy, beautiful and exciting!  We would change lives!  And together, we'd all be a little better.

Please consider:

Supporters are asked to get a little more involved.  Share the message - frequently!  Help grow Responsible Referrals so that a rushing stream of funding will flow to those organizations that work tirelessly to alleviate the causes and consequences of youth homelessness.

Organizations are asked to get a little more involved.  Share the message on your social media outlets, in your newsletters and on your websites - frequently!  (I pause to thank StandUp For Kids for sharing our message on their website and newsletter!) As beneficiaries of approximately 50% of the Responsible Referrals revenue, these donations will continue to help you and those you serve.  Believe in the annuity of this fundraising concept, for that's truly what Responsible Referrals wishes to become.  Believe in the power of the river.

Sharing the message doesn't take long.  Usually, it's not much more than a "click" on your social media pages.  It doesn't cost you anything at all.  Too much to ask?  I hope not.  Shame on me if I don't ask, though. There are kids out there depending on us. All of us.




  1. Mike, I love this analogy and it's oh so true!! Now, if we could just get some steady rain!! Keep following your heart! It will lead you where you need to go.

    Some men climb a mountain,
    Some men swim the sea,
    Some men fly above the sky:
    They are what they must be.
    But, baby the rain must fall,
    Baby, the wind must blow,
    Wherever my heart leads me
    Baby, I must go, baby I must go.