A Giving Pledge for Regular People

I am constantly being asked about the Responsible Referrals commitment to donate 50% of revenues to nonprofits helping homeless youth and families. People don't question the homeless part.  They're asking about the 50% part.  Where did this idea come from?  Read the post called "Ready To Commit" and take a look at The Giving Pledge

Public pledges move all of us in the right direction.  It's not about the billions of dollars.  It's about the millions of us!  It's about the millions who NEED the millions of us!  The Giving Pledge is just showing us the way.  Although I wasn't "invited" to join the group, its spirit has made me think about making a pledge myself.  And so I have.

As of today, the Giving Pledge has 69 letters. Maybe you will consider joining this movement! Let's see if we can't get thousands of commitment letters!  It's not just about monetary contributions either.  All forms of commitment are valuable; volunteerism, prayer, advocacy and even supporting corporations who are "socially responsible",   When you're ready, send your commitment letter to  responsiblereferrals at gmail.com. We will be happy to add your name to the list below. 

Public Pledge Letters
Mike Taylor