While you're shopping, turn on your sound and listen to the Kenyan Boys Choir performance of the "Homeless" (lyrics by Paul Simon found the lyrics here.)

Update:  January 26, 2012
These items are no longer available as they were donated to Star Brows, Grover Beach, CA. for a silent auction event benefiting an Ethiopian orphanage.  If you like any particular item shown below, please let us know and we will be more than happy to get a quote from Kenya for your purchase.  Please use the Contact form.  Thank you!

These items are made by orphaned children and widows in Kisumu, Kenya.  They're amazingly beautiful and quite inexpensive. 

Bamboo is collected from the Kakamega Rainforest which is about an hour north of Kisumu.

The carvings are made from wood collected in the forest which is allowed to dry and then carved into the shapes you see here.

The handbags are made from sisal grass which is allowed to dry for 7 days.  It takes two days to complete each bag.  Two days for $8.00 a day....wait! Shipping the item from Kenya to Minnesota is included so it's even less!

If you'd like to purchase any of these items, please use the CONTACT page and let us know.  All of the money from the sale goes to the Uhuru Community Development Project in Kenya. Shipping will be added to your order, but most items will fit in USPS one-size boxes. 

Baboons - $10.00 each

Elephant with Ivory Tusk $15.00 / Turtle - Sold

Giraffe - Large $10.00 / Small $6.00

Bag w/ Liner or without - $16.00

Bracelets - $5.00 / Rosaries - $7.00

Antelope - $15.00

Africa Continent Key Chain - $5.00

Expandable Bracelets - $5.00

Earrings - $5.00

Necklaces - $6.00 / Wire Bracelets - $5.00

Necklaces - $6.00

Necklaces - $6.00

Necklaces - $6.00