Sandals and a Stick

New:  Another Blog – Sandals and a Stick 
Why:  Sharing with people interested in positive, life-growing interpretations and experiences.
Frequency:  A few times a week.  Or, as the Spirit moves. 
Length:  Short - couple of minutes to read each.
Publications:  Facebook / LinkedIn - once a week or so to start.  Then, rarely on social media. 
Choice:  Subscription only.  Join or not.
Encouraged:  Guest Writing, Email subscriptions and Referrals
Goals:  Reflection.  Enlightenment.  Encouragement.  For me.   For you.
Status:  Live with a few articles already posted.
Other:   Spectacular if the subscription base grows.  Something much bigger than words should grow from Sandals and a Stick.  But, if it doesn’t grow, if you decide not to join, if you don’t want to tell friends/family, I’m good with that too!

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